The Five Pillars of Doing it All



Many people ask me how I manage to do it all. Squeeze in just about everything imaginable in a day. They wonder what my secret is. How do I have the energy? What do I do with my kids? Some wonder, why bother doing so damn much.

The truth is there are some undeniable parts to this recipe.


1. You must love what you do.

Undoubtedly, we all go through ebbs and flows of loving what we do. Work is work for a reason and for most it’s difficult to peel yourself up and out every day. The problem with many jobs is the repetition of it all, but there can be ways in which you break repetition. Perhaps it’s changing when you break, or starting a project with a new team. Perhaps it’s stealing 15-minutes alone in a corner or outdoors reading a book (not a cell phone), or writing. Think about it, but there must be something to build in the loving of what you do, or finding a way to get through it until you find your path.


2. You must absolutely know nothing great can be done alone.

There is nothing better than a co-conspirator. After starting Fourth & Heart and bringing on, Lilly, our Co-Founder, I was able to focus on my strengths and Lilly on hers. Find somebody you can work with, that compliments your skill set and be ready to hand over the load and not know everything. If you’re a parent you’ll most likely need to hire a sitter, or perhaps you have family to help. If you have neither, well tote the little one along with you. I met a baker who opened her own bakery and said her little guy went with her to meetings and was her little co-conspirator. If you feel like there just isn’t a way, pick up the phone and brainstorm with a friend, or read about somebody who managed to get through the impossible. Maybe they’ll inspire you!


3. Recuperation and energy management is necessary.

Sleeping minimally is a bi-product of being a mother and entrepreneur. I accept the days I am tired (most days) and I have my fun herbs like Guarana to get me through the day. However, I do recharge by taking care of my body and mind through transcendental mediation and really enjoying my final Savasana. You can download guided meditation online or try apps like Mindspace or try the rejuvenating practice of Yoga Nidra. Studies show people who practice meditation and yoga regularly are actually able to sleep less than most.


4. Know your boundaries.

One of the side effects to doing it all is many people will expect the best out of you. Know when to say “no” and don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself.


5. Inspire yourself through reading about others accomplishments, study your religion, read Ekhart Tolle, but do something to constantly give you an a-ha moment.

When I am in a mental rut I pick up my favorite books by Ekhart Tolle or Elizabeth Gilbert to give me perspective. When you’re stressed or overworked it’s not as bad as it seems. Worse things are happening and most likely the issue, like everything else, will too pass.


Here is a day full of just about everything and to me is a perfect day:

5:30 A.M. – I like to wake up early before the rest of the house is up. This is my time of solace; it’s where I source my juice. Not to mention if I didn’t wake up this early I wouldn’t even come close to finishing days’ tasks.

6:15 A.M. – I hear familiar pitter-patter run down the stairs and my gorgeous sons hug me as if they haven’t seen me for a lifetime – this is a great start to a day.

6:45 A.M. – I make breakfast and coffee, my daily nanny arrives in 15-minutes and I watch the clock closely as I wait to pop out the door.

7:15 A.M. – I’m in my car, coffee in hand, cruising Highway One making my morning East Coast calls or geeking out to my favorite SoundCloud jam. Traffic is usually thick but my music gets me through it. During these alone times I reminisce, think of my day ahead, set intensions for the day and really just move myself emotionally in some way to spearhead the day — I really feel this fuel of emotion, appreciation charges me creatively.

8:15 A.M. – I’m on my yoga mat. I’ve probably gone through a couple sun salutes at this point and I’m beginning to perspire. At this point I’m really just breathing and flushing my mind of anything repetitive and unnecessary that just doesn’t serve me, or those around me. I’m typically practicing for about one and half hours on a good day, but because I do Mysore Style yoga I often whip through it a little faster so I can make either a conference call, back to my desk or into the kitchen to meet Lilly, Fourth & Heart co-founder.

9:45 – As I peel my yoga mat off the floor I’m constantly reminded how incredibly fortunate I am to have my yoga practice, my family, friends and really am in the post yoga glow state—no joke. Clearly, this doesn’t always feel great. Often times I’m practicing on about 4-hours of sleep, with a cold or under emotional stress. Regardless, it helps just a little, just about always.

10:00 A.M.—I usually swap out the sweaty clothes for dry clothes at my favorite acai spot. Full disclosure: This means I do need to forego a shower. My thoughts? Priorities are health and not necessarily looking glam, especially headed to a kitchen. I always eat my acai bowl in my car, again while catching up on calls or jamming out to my favorite slow jams.

11 A.M. – AM Conference Calls with our national sales teams, financial reviews, recipe reviews, you name it — We are all hand on deck. As entrepreneurs the job description is always blurry.

4 P.M. – I hit the road again. It’s painfully obvious about 2-3 hours a day is driving. This is what fans my love of music, however. On rare occasions I will even listen to my Italian Rosetta Stone to job the cerebral cortex.

5 P.M. – I’m back home with the kids. Whipping up dinner and listening to fantastic tales about Ninjago, MMA, sword fights and all things 3-6 year old.

6 P.M. – By 6 P.M. I’ve glanced at the red wine bottle staring back at me a few times. Dinner is served for the kids and between cleaning, working and feeding the rugrats I nibble hear and there. In the back of my mind I know I should sit down and breath, and some times I do, but today will be a long work night.

8 P.M. – The kids are still alive, dressed, fresh, teeth brushed. We settle into our beanbag chair to read each ones respective favorite book. I sing three of their favorite songs, each one an original I created over the years. I scratch their backs and massage their little feet. I hug them until they are tired of me and kick me out.

8:15 P.M. – Back downstairs to make final touches on the house and lunches for the next day. Pop on to catch up on my week’s groceries. I don’t know how I would feed the family if it weren’t for online shopping. While I once savored long trips to the grocery store and would easily spend more on food then on clothes or anything else girly I now barely stepped in a store if it wasn’t to check in on my very own product! Pinch me.

9:00 P.M. – I most likely have poured myself a single glass of wine and am, like at this very minute (9:03), and am writing, journaling, reading or plotting my next steps in business.

12 A.M. – Lights out and ready for my early A.M. tomorrow.

Now, when I read this my head starts spinning and it’s hard to imagine doing this 7-day’s a week, which I don’t, I get the couple days most get to relax as much as one does with kids. The thing is I love every minute and if I feel as if I’m fading I’ll sit and do a guided meditation or I’ll simply sleep a little longer than usual. I do attempt for my life to not greatly impact the lives of others negatively with my need to move about quickly, but this does happen and all I can offer in return is an apology and an offering to help and return the favor.

What’s your day like? How do you do it all? We would love to hear from you! Shoot us an email or comment below.