We All Fall Down: Here are 12 ways to get back up (according to Ayurveda)


We All Fall Down: Here are 12 ways to get back up (according to Ayurveda)


1. Ritual: Life is full of unpredictability and where we can find solace is in our daily ritual. Repeating the same tasks daily around the same time brings peace, control and something familiar into our every day. Create your own ritual and attempt not to deviate from it this fall.

2. Self-care and touch: Unfortunately, we are often caught up by the days tasks and others’ needs. Make time to care for yourself by giving yourself a leg massage, face and arm massage using sesame seed oil, coconut oil or even Fourth & Heart original ghee.


3. Conscious consumption: When you are preparing your food or eating it is important to sit down, chew your food slowly and think of where your food comes from, who picked it, who drove it to market and all the connections between what’s on your plate. This will help your body appreciate and digest!


4. Make seasonal choices: When you are eating seasonal your body will tend to digest better and you’ll feel an overwhelming feeling of balance. You’ll also be helping the environment because most likely there weren’t any flights necessary to get your food to the grocery store. Also make sure to eat more cooked foods during cold seasons. Your body is made to eat warm foods when it’s cool outside. Make it easy by shopping for veggies at your local farmer’s market. Most of the time local produce is all you’ll find.


5. Balance with fat: Because of the dry nature of the fall and winter months we suggest ghee and other oils to be ingested and topically applied.


6. Fire up your digestion: Instead of a big steel water bottle keep a thermos of warm lemon water nearby. Sip slowly during the day and notice you’ll feel full and hydrated all day!


7. Ground up: Rumor has it that herbs like ashwagandha, ginger, cardamom, basil, cinnamon, rosemary, nutmeg, vanilla keep you level during cold seasons. Mix a ½ teaspoon in a tablespoon of Fourth & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee and take as a supplement morning and night.


8. Color guard: Change your linens and warm up your room with red, orange, yellow and other warming colors.


9. Naturally awaken: Spend at least 30-minutes a week in nature by walking your dog, gardening, paddle boarding or jogging outdoors. Dress warm!


10. Meditate: Download an MP3 on guided visualization meditation and sit for 10-minute intervals three times a day. A great time is to just do this in your office parking lot before heading in or during a lunch break. Wherever, whenever is my motto!


11. Notice your breathing: When I taught yoga I would regularly need to teach breathing. We often aren’t actually breathing regularly most times during the day. Take a moment to regulate your breath. Simply close your eyes, focus on your breath and as you inhale try and feel the breath come in through your nostrils and out again. Count the inhale up to three seconds and try to exhale for three seconds. Matching the inhale to the exhale will regulate your breathing pattern.


12. Find quiet time: Even if it’s just before bed. Turn off the television, close the book and close your eyes for just 3-minutes without the intension of falling asleep.