Wash, rinse, don't repeat: Five Ways to Stop Patterning


Breaking patterns, habits and ritual challenges the strongest of hearts. Deviating out of pattern, of deeply woven threads daunts us all. We are rhythmic beings, therefore, we enjoy the daily dance of our human routines. To imbed ourselves in the comfort of the familiar ritual. We know what to do, when to do it and how to do it — each time becoming better at the said task. And who doesn’t love the mastery of things?

However, what happens when you’ve mastered something to the point it no longer challenges you? While patterning is the human condition it breeds stagnation. What was once a song becomes a skipping record; what was a refuge becomes a rut. So how do we pull ourselves out of our own daily tapestry? How do we change faded patterns into new and exciting folds of possibility?

Here are my 5 favorite ways to break patterns:
1) Return to our roots

It happens to the best of us. We get married, have kids, take that job, we stay in our childhood neighborhoods – nothing changes. In a blink, years pass and we wonder what happened to me? Where did I go? We lose ourselves and consequently surround ourselves with people who may not necessarily complement our lives.

This instigates the perpetuation of bad relationships; of staying in jobs which make us miserable; in tolerating the intolerable.

So how can you shift perspective?

Dig into old boxes, read old journals, listen to favorite childhood songs. By reminding ourselves of our roots we rediscover our core values. We begin to hear our inner guru.


2) Learn a new language

Over the years our minds become complacent. Rewiring our minds through learning a new language delivers us entire new worlds, new cultures, new story and new experience.

The gift of language is precious and powerful. If you’re the slightest bit curious – study a language!


3) Be bullish

We want to take chances. We want to buy the last minute plane ticket, or approach a person at a bar, but we are so afraid of rejection, of getting hurt. Yet, what’s life if not to cry, to feel the nostalgia of pain?

Life is so unpredictable. Why not proactively take the chance rather than reactively responding to life’s unyielding hits? If we make radical change to our habits, we turn fear into fearless!


4) Read more

We read inspirational quotes on Facebook or Instagram and start to adopt them like a religion. What if we read entire books penned by these thought leaders? By reading the back story we see the genesis of their theses and understand small anecdotes in a richer context. Perhaps their inspiration inspires us so much we become authors of our own stories.


5) Change your diet

Last but not least we can easily shift out of bad habits by changing our diets. Even if we have a good diet it’s possible by being too routine your metabolism will suffer. Our bodies demand shock. My favorite way to alter the body’s metabolism is to intermittently fast or go vegetarian for a day.

The idea of intermittent fasting is simple. Get a good night’s sleep, and when you wake up, have your morning cup of tea or coffee (no sugar) with some ghee whipped into it.  At noon have a juice or healthy smoothie.  Follow up with a light dinner before 5. Do this once a week and your body will thank you.

Regardless of the method or methods you choose to break patterns, I guarantee by incorporating all or some of these habits we will see our inner lights shine and as a result we’ll begin to form new relationships with those whom feed your soul. We should long for nothing less.