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BETTER TASTING THAN BUTTER! This stuff is sooooo much better tasting than butter it's crazy. This is supposed to be heart healthy?? I can't imagine how it's possible but if it's not then I don't even want to know. So delicious!!

Amazon Customer
I don't ever do this, but ...

Hi 4th and Heart, I don't ever do this, but ... I happened to just grab your ghee at Whole Foods, and brought it home -- cause I never look at the label, I just buy it and eat it. But then I tried it ... Your ghee is BEAUTIFUL. Not just to cook with, but when there's a little on the knife and you lick it off like a fat kid ... you can taste the grass fed cows, the fresh air, the minimal processing ... It's really quite appreciated. Also, I used to run a Cheese shop, so it was my job to try all the available cheese and butters in the country, and you are right up there with Vermont Butter & Cheese Co butter. There's flavour, there's character. You obviously give a shit. And it was wonderful. I appreciated it.

Gregory Bonsignore

OH OH ... TEMPTATION IN A JAR. I began making coffee, and I had been using grass-fed butter. Then I heard about the use of ghee in the coffee and tried this one with the touch of vanilla. Oh, what it does to me and my coffee! What was just a somewhat latte-tasting coffee now becomes a tempting, silky and lip-smacking indulgence. And, a few times a day I dip my fingertip into the jar and savor the taste. Expensive, yes and this time around I might cut it with my Kerrygold grass-fed butter to extend it when I add it to my coffee. But, my fingertip will still find its way into this magnificent jar of ghee.

Jonathan Willbanks

This is definitely food of the gods! I have been giving this and other flavors as presents now. Pretty, too!

Rebecca H. Billard
I wake up craving the Vanilla Bean Ghee

I put 4th & Heart Ghee into every meal and I wake up craving the Vanilla Bean Ghee blended into my morning cup of coffee. There are so many health benefits in the grass-fed ghee.

Eric Nystrom
NHL Hockey Player
My little slice of heaven

Ever since I found the Vanilla Bean Ghee, I've been thrilled. I even call it my little slice of heaven. Can't wait to try the Truffle.

KadEE Strickland
Actress, Secrets and Lies
The best tasting energy source yet

I have 4th & Heart's Vanilla Bean Ghee to thank for my morning addition into my "Catch" and Bulletproof coffee. It adds a killer taste. The best tasting energy source yet!

Jonathan Tucker
Actor, Kingdom/Direct TV