Wholesome, delicious, grass-fed ghee can make any food even better. It’s also lactose-free and naturally rich in fatty acids, butyric acid, and CLA. Fourth & Heart offers a variety of flavors and formats so you can fuel your happy by easily making ghee a part of your everyday routine.

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Our grab-and-go Woke bar makes it easy to keep the incredible taste and even better benefits of our grass-fed ghee in your everyday routine. Each paleo dark chocolate-covered bar is packed with 6gs of protein and unbelievable flavor without any sugar alcohols, soy, gluten, or lactose. Now, you can get clean nutrition, flavor, and consciousness in every bite.


Better Butter

Grass-Fed Ghee

Ghee is a healthier, more versatile, great tasting better butter. To make our line of Fourth & Heart ghee butters, we source the best milk from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows in New Zealand to make the purest, most delicious ghee possible. In addition to Original unflavored ghee, we offer a variety of mouthwatering flavors, including Original, California Garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean. Sauté, sear, spread, and enjoy.


Upgrade Your Cooking

Ghee Oil

With our sprayable and pourable grass-fed ghee oils, we set out to make cooking with the great taste and outstanding benefits of ghee even easier. Our high-heat ghee oils combine the great taste of ghee with the high smoke point of grapeseed oil, making them ideal for everything from sautéing and baking to frying and scrambling. Our mid-heat ghee oils add the benefits of coconut and avocado oils to the already superior nutrition of ghee.


A Wholesome Indulgence

Chocolate Spreads

Chocti Chocolate Spreads are made using just three wholesome ingredients: dates, cacao, and vanilla bean ghee, which makes them lactose-free, shelf stable, and easy to love! Each flavor comes from whole ingredients like coffee bean oil extract and guarana and passionfruit powders for a great, natural taste you can feel good about indulging in.


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