10 Perfect Whole30 Recipes to Make This Spring

Happy spring, everyone! We have finally made it out of the worst of winter and could not be more excited for the warmer weather, flowers, and of course, all of the amazing produce that comes with spring. We’ve rounded up ten delicious Whole30 recipes that are perfect for this time of year and, of course, feature 4th & Heart ghee. We hope that you’re as excited to make them as we are! Happy cooking! 


1. Instant Pot Paleo Cauliflower Mushroom Risotto by @whatgreatgrandmaate

Who doesn’t love risotto? This recipe uses grated cauliflower in lieu of arborio rice for a healthier spin, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less flavorful or delicious! Mushrooms are especially delicious this time of year, and this recipe comes together in one pot to make a fabulous spring lunch or dinner.


2. 15 Minute Ghee and Turmeric Chicken Caesar Salad by @thewoodenskillet

We challenge you to find a faster, healthier dinner than this yummy salad! Whether you’re too tired or busy to cook, or you’re just in a rush and need a quick meal, this recipe is perfect for you. You can make this recipe even faster and easier by using our Turmeric Ghee!


3. Garlic and Ghee Cauliflower Rice by @frugalnutrition

This is a very fast side dish or snack that comes together in a pinch! Garlic in spring is akin to tomatoes in summer (AKA, in peak form), so feel free to go wild with it! Try subbing different flavors of 4th & Heart Ghee to give this simple side dish even more flavor. 


4. Whole30 Fish & Chips by @maryswholelife

Fish and Chips is a classic English recipe traditionally consisting of deep fried, beer battered fish with a side of “chips” (which are just shorter, thicker french fries) and tartar sauce. It’s amazing, but also tends to be fairly greasy, which is why we LOVE this lighter version! It has all of the traditional components of fish and chips that we know and love without being too heavy. 


5. Lemon Chicken Piccata by @paleorunningmomma

In our opinion, the best kind of weeknight meal is a one-pot weeknight meal. They’re convenient, simple, and best of all, require very little clean up afterwards. Sign us up! This bright, zingy Lemon Chicken Piccata is absolutely perfect for a light spring dinner. Try this recipe with our Garlic Ghee for a garlicky flavor boost! 


6. Salmon Avocado Salad by @downshiftology

Salmon and avocado go together like tomato and basil: they complement each other perfectly, and one is made much better because of the other. This is a simple and very versatile recipe that you can shake up any time of day! Try using 4th & Heart Ghee Oil in the vinaigrette, and eliminate the sweetener to make this recipe Whole30! 


7. Crispy Herb Ghee Smashed Potatoes by @maryswholelife

Crispy potatoes are pretty much the best thing in the world, and the good news is that they’re Whole30 approved! If you want an easy side dish that goes with literally everything, look no further than these smashed potatoes!



8. Sauteed Asparagus with Chickpea Miso Butter Sauce by @iheartumami.ny

Asparagus is basically the harbinger of spring, so we had to include it on this roundup! This recipe is one of the best ways we’ve ever had asparagus, and it couldn’t be simpler to make. The chickpea miso butter sauce (made with ghee, of course) is an umami flavor explosion, making this one of our favorite spring side dishes that’ll please anyone at your table! 


9. Easy Chinese Broccoli Stir-Fry with Garlic Sauce by @iheartumami.ny

Chinese broccoli is broccoli’s leafier and slightly more bitter cousin (think broccoli rabe), which makes it the perfect canvas for this simple and savory garlic sauce! Feel free to add any other yummy spring produce (like snow peas, fava beans, or carrots) to utilize your farmer’s market haul! 


10. Instant Pot Thai Coconut Curry Meatballs by @whatgreatgrandmaate

Try to say that ten times fast! We’re finishing this recipe roundup with these spectacularly flavorful meatballs that are WELL worth the effort. Thai red curry is nuanced and complex, and it makes these meatballs impossibly delicious. Meatballs also keep well in the refrigerator, so this recipe is perfect for meal prepping. Trust us, you will be making this recipe over and over again! 

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