5 of our favorite weeknight pasta dishes

Hello, fellow ghee lovers! Summer is winding down into fall, and as we prepare for cooler weather, earlier sunsets, and jacket season (!), we wanted to round up a few of our favorite pasta dishes that you can whip up any night of the week. Pasta is absolutely one of the ultimate comfort foods, get ready to bundle up and eat a bowl (or several)! Enjoy, and happy cooking! 



Keto Taco Alfredo Chicken Pasta by @castiron_keto 

If you think chicken alfredo can’t get any better, then we have great news for you: it already has! This taco alfredo chicken pasta is incredibly rich, creamy, and most importantly, delicious! It also takes less than thirty minutes to make, so it’s perfect for a busy weeknight when you need to get dinner on the table fast. This recipe uses avocado oil, but of course, we recommend that you sub in 4th & Heart ghee instead. This will become an instant family favorite! 


Greek Pasta Salad by @paleorunningmomma

Who doesn’t love pasta salad? It’s endlessly adaptable, can be served at any temperature, and is best eaten in advance. What’s better than that? This pasta salad has a Greek spin, so it’s chock-full of delicious tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and feta cheese. We recommend that you make the dressing with 4th & Heart ghee oil instead of olive oil, and you can even use melted 4th & Heart ghee too! The pasta-bilities are infinite! 


Za’atar Garlic Spinach Pasta by @themediterraneandish

This is a really fast and easy pasta dish that comes together in a snap! The pasta is tossed in a delicious sauce with a ton of garlic, spinach, red pepper flakes, and lemon (to name a few ingredients), and we recommend using melted 4th & Heart ghee to add even more buttery goodness to this pasta (bonus points if you use Garlic ghee!) The only thing quicker than making this pasta is you eating it! 


Spinach and Artichoke Baked Gnocchi Casserole by @whatgreatgrandmaate

Spinach and artichoke is a match made in heaven, and when you throw gnocchi into the mix, then it really becomes a party! This dish is super rich and creamy (albeit vegan and paleo!), and it’s perfect for a weeknight dinner because you can assemble it in advance and bake it off when you’re ready to eat. The recipe calls for coconut oil, but we (of course!) recommend your favorite flavor of 4th & Heart ghee instead! This is a dish we want to eat over and over again, and we know you’ll love it, too. 

The Best Pasta Fagioli by @thecleaneatingcouple

Pasta Fagioli (pronounced “fa-jole”) is the pasta equivalent of a warm hug. It’s one of the most famous and delicious comfort foods of all time, so we had to include it in this pasta roundup! The best part of this recipe is that the longer it sits and the more you heat it up, the better it gets. We subbed in 4th & Heart Himalayan Salt ghee for olive oil, which gave this already perfect dish an even better, buttery spin! We’re so excited for you all to try this recipe (and the others), so what are you waiting for? Get cooking! 

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