We thought we’d kick off our day by sharing a few reasons why ghee should be your go-to cooking fat (if it isn’t already) and why you should always have a jar ready to go in your kitchen! 

1. Ghee is Shelf-Stable

Arguably our most favorite thing about ghee is that it is shelf-stable for up to twelve months! That’s right folks, you can keep your favorite flavor of 4th & Heart ghee for up to a YEAR in your pantry – but let’s be real, it’ll be devoured long before that! 

2. Ghee is Spreadable 

One of life’s greatest pleasures is slathering butter on a piece of bread or a baked good, but who has the time to wait to bring butter to room temperature? With our ghee, you get the best of both worlds – it’s spreadable at room temperature (no more waiting for spreadable butter!) and it still maintains that delicious, buttery flavor that we all love and crave! 

3. It Has A High Smoke Point

When oil starts to smoke and burn, it actually becomes a trans fatty acid. One of the incredible things about ghee is that it has a smoke point of 485ºF, so you can hard sear, fry, or sauté to your heart’s content while still maintaining its signature buttery taste and nutritional value! 

4. 4th & Heart Ghee is Whole30, Keto, and Paleo Certified 

If you follow one of these healthy diet guides, sometimes the list of ingredients you can eat might feel somewhat limiting. Another great thing about our ghee is that it’s Whole30, Keto, and Paleo friendly, and its health benefits are oh-so-enticing. It’s lactose-free for those of us that are dairy intolerant, and it’s also an amazing source of butyric acid, which helps your body absorb all of the nutrients you put into it!

5. It’s delicious! 

Besides all of the above practical reasons to always have ghee in your kitchen, the best one is that it’s truly delicious! Where else can you find incredible, spreadable, buttery flavor with all of the added nutritional and pantry-friendly benefits? Look no further than 4th & Heart ghee – it can do anything butter can do BETTER. 

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