On The 4th & Heart Bookshelf: 6 Must-Read Cookbooks

Whether you’re a brand-new home cook or a seasoned chef, you’ve probably referenced a cookbook at least once in your life. Sometimes they can get a bad rap, but we’re here to tell you that cookbooks are informative, sexy, and NEVER go out of style!

Cookbooks are a timeless, key pillar of home or professional cooking, and we at 4th & Heart want to share some of our absolute favorites with you. From savory to sweet, casual or fancy, there is a technique, recipe, or book for absolutely everyone on this list. Enjoy, and happy cooking! 


SALT FAT ACID HEAT by Samin Nosrat 

Behold, fellow cooks and eaters alike, one of the greatest cookbooks of all time. Samin Nosrat’s internationally best-selling book SALT FAT ACID HEAT has redefined the art of good cooking, and for good reason. Samin is an expert chef and teacher who contains a seemingly endless plethora of knowledge, anecdotes, and tips that will revolutionize the way that you cook. We also highly recommend her Netflix series, which has the same title as her book. This is an absolute must-have flavor bible, and if there’s one book that you should get on this list, it’s this. 



This cookbook has been out for exactly three months at the time of writing this post, and it has already taken social media, home kitchens, and the world at large by STORM. Molly Baz -- former Bon Appetit staffer, legend, abbreviation icon, mother of Tuna, Queen of Cae Sals, and overall culinary badass -- has created a spectacular debut cookbook that we simply cannot put down! Every recipe in this book is truly delicious and supremely easy to make, and we can’t remember the last time we enjoyed a cookbook this much. Plus, Cook This Book overfloweth with QR codes linked to videos of Molly, who explains any and all questions you may have. You’ll come back to this book over and over again, so what are you waiting for? Start cooking this book immediately! 



Indonesian-Australian food writer and chef Lara Lee is responsible for this simply gorgeous cookbook that will transport you directly to Indonesia and have you smiling from cover to cover. Coconut & Sambal is chock-full of gorgeous photos, heart-warming stories, and most of all, incredibly delicious recipes that will leave your tastebuds singing (Lara’s chicken soup is the stuff of legends). If you’re unfamiliar with Indonesian cuisine, this book is absolutely perfect for you -- we promise, with over 80 recipes, it will leave your belly, heart, and soul completely fulfilled!



This is the first cookbook from former Bon Appetit Food Director (and fellow 4th & Heart lover!) Carla Lalli Music, and it’s an absolute knock-out. This book is FULL of incredible, simple recipes that cooks of all skill levels can master. One of our absolute favorite parts about Where Cooking Begins is that it contains tons of substitution ideas, so if you’re missing an ingredient, it’s out of season, or you just don’t like it, fret not! Carla offers a multitude of other options that’ll ensure you have the best possible version of whatever you’re cooking. Carla’s next cookbook That Sounds So Good will be available October 2021, and you bet we’ll be grabbing a copy!



This book is, well, the bomb. If you haven’t heard of Cherry Bombe yet, we’re glad you’re reading this. Cherry Bombe Magazine prides themselves on celebrating women in and around the world of food and drink. You'll certainly love their Cherry Bombe cookbook – which is a compilation of delicious recipes from over 100 of the coolest, most creative women in food right now. From tasty appetizers to flavor-packed entrees – oh, and don’t forget the delectable desserts! This cookbook is unique in that it comes from many individual authors, so there really is something for everyone. Pick up a copy and flip through the recipes to get your kitchen creativity going!


DESSERT PERSON by Claire Saffitz 

We believe that this roundup, like most meals, should end on a sweet note -- so who better to turn to than dessert queen Claire Saffitz? Claire is an expert baker, video personality (check out her YouTube channel!) and a self-described Dessert Person who’s cracked the code on making baking fun, rewarding, and easy with this debut cookbook. It demystifies baking for anyone who’s afraid to try or thinks that they’re “just a cook,” and her recipes truly could not be more amazing and delicious. Whether you’re not a huge dessert fan or just think you can’t bake, this book will change that for you (and then some). Grab a copy today, and get baking!

Thanks for stopping by to learn what's on our bookshelf! Happy cooking, friends!

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