7 Tips to Start Eating Clean Today

Expert Author: Jamie Koll, Certified Health Coach & Recipe Developer

Clean Eating is a journey that looks different for everyone. A clean eating lifestyle focuses on nourishing your body with as many real and whole foods as possible and can increase energy, improve sleep, and result in better digestive health. Clean eating is not a diet, but a way of living that is bio-individual with the potential to heal and help your health every single day. 

My journey with clean eating began in 2018. I was suffering from horrible gut and digestive issues that led me to being diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. I knew my body was under stress so I started to care about what I put in and on my body and what made me feel my best. I slowly started to feel better and noticed I had more energy, less brain fog, less bloat, and better moods. This led me to get certified as a health coach in 2019 with a goal of sharing this lifestyle with others.

Here are my 7 tips for you to start your own clean eating journey!


1. Focus on Small Changes

My philosophy is that small changes have a big impact. Start small, whether that is swapping out a sugar filled yogurt for a better option or trying a new fruit or vegetable in a recipe. These small changes will add up over time. 


2. Get Comfortable Reading Food and Beverage Labels

This might be the most important tip! There are so many sneaky ingredients added to grocery items, from sugar, to natural and artificial flavors, to gums. It can seem daunting to have to read every label at the grocery store, so start with a few each time you go until it becomes second nature. I promise, you will be surprised by what you discover. To help you, I put together this guide of clean and dirty ingredients with 70+ ingredients. Bookmark this the next time you head to the grocery store.


3. Eat a Variety of Fruits + Vegetables 

Clean eating is about nourishing our bodies with real and whole foods and the best place to start is with fruits and vegetables! Studies show that people who eat between 30-40 different plant based foods a week have a healthier gut microbiome. To get a mix of nutrients your body needs, mix up the colors of the fruits and vegetables you eat. The different colors of produce have different health benefits like red fruits and vegetables - think apples, red peppers, and strawberries - are great for heart health and circulation!


4. Limit Sugar

Added sugar can be our own worst enemy because it sneaks into products from sauces to milks and nut butters. On average, we are consuming double the amount of recommended sugar per day, leading to sugar cravings and health issues. I opt for sugars that are not refined like maple syrup, honey, date syrup, and coconut sugar because they are Non-GMO, and have health benefits. It’s still important to be mindful of all sugars you are consuming, so read the labels!


5. Reduce Processed Foods

Processed food is anything in a package that has been “processed” from its original state. Many processed foods are made with refined sugar, additives, fillers, gums, and other unhealthy ingredients. Since processed foods have been modified, health benefits are typically limited and these foods can cause more harm than good. Try to limit processed foods you are consuming and be more mindful with the ones you buy, by reading the labels and choosing healthier options!


6. Eat as Many Real and Whole Foods as Possible

Eating real and whole foods is the name of the game with clean eating. Not only does this mean fruits and vegetables, but also grains, beans, and healthier fats. One of my favorite healthy fats to cook with is ghee – it’s lactose free (can be tolerated by many with dairy sensitivities, including myself), has a high smoke point, and its buttery taste make it both versatile and delicious! I love using 4th & Heart Ghee because it’s Non-GMO, made from high quality grass-fed, pasture-raised butter, and comes in a variety of flavors to use  depending on the recipe I’m working on! Check out some of my favorite recipes to make with ghee here: roasted carrots, lemon ghee cod, or scallops!


7. Listen to Your Body!

The best tip is to listen to your body and understand what works for YOU! Notice if any common irritants  (gluten, dairy, or soy) make you feel worse or if certain ingredients, fruits, or vegetables aren’t making you feel your best. Focus on what makes you feel good and stick to that! One option is to keep a food diary for a couple of weeks to see if you can notice any patterns. Another option is to eliminate a major irritant for a couple of weeks to see how you feel.

Clean Eating is a journey that looks different for everyone. I hope my tips have helped explain my Clean Eating ethos, and inspired you to think even more about how to nourish yourself to work towards feeling your best self! 

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About The Expert:

Jamie Koll - Girls Who Eat

Hi! I’m Jamie and I run GIRLS WHO EAT, which focuses on clean eating and guiding women to make healthy food choices at home, at the grocery, or on-the-go. As a certified health coach and recipe developer, my goal is to help people feel their best self. I create easy under an hour recipes with pantry staple items and help my audience to better understand food and beverage labels so they can make the best decision for themselves. You can check out my Instagram (@girslwhoeat) here and my website (with all my recipes) here!

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