Expert Author: Saba of Savoring with Saba, Low-Carb Lifestyle Blogger & Recipe Developer

4th & Heart's ghee products have been a game-changer in my recipe development and content creation on Instagram (@SabaSavors) and YouTube (Savoring with Saba). 

After years of serial dieting and failed quick fixes to reach permanent health and weight goals, I transitioned to a low-carb/keto-friendly lifestyle in September 2017. To ensure my lifestyle change was successful and long-term, I did a ton of research to determine which keto-friendly foods and brands to use. I was introduced to ghee – I had never heard of it prior to my transition to the keto lifestyle – so I was intrigued. 

After comparing brands on Amazon, I decided to try 4th & Heart…and I'm so glad I did!

4th & Heart Ghee has a smooth, buttery taste that makes it great for frying, sautéing, cooking…and especially baking! These days, I use 4th & Heart Ghee throughout the entire baking process – from greasing pans with the Ghee Oil Spray (my fave!) to using both Original and flavored ghee as a 1:1 replacement for butter in literally any dish. 

Baking with ghee (especially Vanilla Bean Ghee) has totally changed the game for my desserts. The creamy consistency of the ghee blends perfectly with other ingredients and because it has a high smoke point, it can withstand practically any temperature your recipe requires. I first tried using ghee in my popular sweet treats: Vanilla Mini Cakes and “Sugar” Cinnamon Donuts. I was amazed how much smoother and tastier the batter was. Ghee has a rich, nutty flavor that compliments my must-have keto-friendly flours like almond and coconut flour. 

To this day I can’t believe how long I was cooking without it, but now that I’ve made the switch, 4th & Heart Ghee is a staple of all my recipes!

Feeling inspired? Shop 4th & Heart Ghee or find a store near you today!

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I'm Saba, a foodie and reformed serial dieter. I've tried everything from counting calories to fad diets like the Baby Food diet, and the infamous Lemon Juice & Cayenne Pepper diet. (Crazy... I know!) I was tired of the gimmicks, quick fixes, and unsustainable results. I needed a way to lose weight, maintain my weight loss, and be healthy.  It was time for a LIFESTYLE change – something that was manageable and effective. That's when I decided to adopt a carb-conscious lifestyle. Whether you're an expert or kitchen challenged, I have recipes that'll be easy to make. I believe every meal should be... Healthy. Simple. Delicious.

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