Ingredients 1 whole chicken (pat dry)⁠, kosher salt , pepper⁠, 1 lemon (quartered)⁠, 1 garlic head (halved lengthwise)⁠, 1/2 cup 4th & Heart Ghee Oil⁠

Directions Preheat oven to 425ºF⁠. Season every surface of the chicken with liberal amounts of salt and pepper⁠. Transfer chicken breast side up to a large oven-safe skillet or roasting pan. Arrange the lemon quarters and garlic cut sides down in the skillet around the chicken.⁠ Drizzle ghee oil all over the chicken and transfer to the oven.⁠ Roast until chicken is nicely browned and cooked through, checking for doneness after 45 minutes. Once done, let the chicken rest for ~15 - 25 minutes before carving and serving. Pro Tip: Add a bit of chicken or vegetable stock to the bottom of the pan once you remove the chicken to rest, and whisk to make a delicious gravy out of the pan drippings!

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