Greetings, fellow ghee lovers, and welcome to the joyous ThanksGHEEving season, undoubtedly our most cherished time of the year! Join us as we guide you through the myriad ways to infuse the richness of ghee into your Thanksgiving culinary endeavors. Explore additional recipes to extend your 4th & Heart experience well into the new year. Delight in the journey, and may your kitchen be filled with joy!

ThanksGHEEving Culinary Hacks

Turkey + Ghee = A Heavenly Match. While we advocate for a brined turkey to maintain its moisture during the extended cooking process, the key to an impeccably perfect Thanksgiving turkey lies in ghee! After patting the turkey skin dry, generously rub the entire exterior with 4th & Heart ghee (we recommend Original Recipe, Himalayan Salt, Garlic, or Turmeric!). As the turkey cooks, the ghee ensures a beautifully crispy, golden-brown exterior—a coveted hallmark of Thanksgiving perfection!

Utilize 4th & Heart Ghee Spray for all Your Roasting Needs. With ovens bustling to cook various elements of our Thanksgiving feast, roasting becomes a significant task. Simplify the process by using our ghee spray to swiftly coat your baking sheets. This guarantees a fast, even layer that prevents any delectable roasted dish from sticking.

Savor the Richness of Butter Flavor, Minus the Lactose. 4th & Heart ghee imparts a delectable, robust buttery flavor (sans lactose, we might add!). Embrace it throughout your Thanksgiving meal—swirl a dollop or two into perfect mashed potatoes, melt and drizzle it into your stuffing mixture before baking, toss your vegetables in it before roasting, or even spread it on your rolls or biscuits! Where butter would traditionally reside, let ghee take the stage—it's an experience you won't want to revert from!

Ghee in Your Thanksgiving Desserts. The grand finale of Thanksgiving—the desserts—offers endless possibilities for incorporating ghee. Whether crafting classic pies like Apple or Pumpkin, or baking cookies and cakes, use 4th & Heart ghee sticks instead of butter, ensuring flawlessly decadent Thanksgiving desserts!

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