There are so many benefits of ghee, but one of the main reasons why ghee is continuing to rise in popularity is due to one key fact: ghee is lactose-free.


As we all get older and learn more about what our bodies do and do not tolerate, many of us realize that traditional dairy products just don’t sit well with us.

Chances are that you or someone in your immediate circle often experience bloating, annoying digestive issues, and painful gas when you reach for a bagel with cream cheese or a coffee with creamy half-and-half. If these symptoms sound familiar, you are probably experiencing some form of lactose intolerance. This is totally normal! In fact, studies have shown that nearly 65% of the population is lactose-sensitive, so most of us are in the same dairy-averse boat.  

One exceedingly quick and easy way to cut lactose out of your diet is to switch from traditional butter to 4th & Heat Grass-fed Ghee. It’s literally that easy. To make it even more simple, ghee can be used as a 1:1 butter alternative in any cooking or baking recipe!

But, what is ghee exactly, how is it lactose free, and why does ghee benefit your digestive system more than butter?  


Butter = Milk Solids + Butter Fat + Water

Ghee = Butter – Milk Solids – Water


Water + Milk Solids equate to 20% of each stick of butter in your fridge. During the ghee-making process, we remove the water and milk solids, leaving only pure, healthy butter fat behind. 

We make our ghee the traditional way. We start by simmering grass-fed, New Zealand butter over very low heat, allowing the water to evaporate slowly and the milk solids to lightly caramelize on the bottom of the pot. Then, we take the the simmered butter and double-strain it to remove any residual milk solids. This process ensures our ghee is 100% lactose and casein free. Because of this, our ghee benefits your digestive system because your body can process it much easier without the lactose and casein that are prominent in traditional dairy. The best part? It still has that delicious, buttery taste we all crave without any of the uncomfortable bloating or (potentially embarrassing) gas. 

Next time you’re baking a batch of cookies, sautéing a side dish of vegetables, or whipping up some decadent cacio e pepe for dinner, consider swapping traditional butter for 4th & Heart ghee. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!


Don’t Wait, Switch to 4th & Heart Ghee Today


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