Hello fellow ghee lovers! They say that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and whoever they are, they’re right! Starting your day off with a nutritious breakfast (or, if you’re in a rush, a bio-hacked coffee), is incredibly important -- it’s proven to help you concentrate, give you energy, and help with digestion. We’re definitely guilty of skipping breakfast from time to time, so to curb that, we thought we’d round up ten delicious breakfast recipes so you have no shortage of incredible breakfasts to choose from. Enjoy, and happy cooking! 



Whipped Cinnamon Honey Butter by @rachaelsgoodeats

This isn’t technically a breakfast on its own, but boy does it go with a lot of them! This is a gluten free and lactose free honey butter that is made from, you guessed it, 4th and Heart ghee! It comes together almost instantly and is delicious on literally anything -- our favorites are pancakes, french toast, regular toast, and a slice of pound cake or banana bread! 


Superfood Banana Bread by @rachaelsgoodeats

Because the above recipe isn’t a full breakfast, we wanted to include a companion recipe that it goes well with! Look no further than this incredible superfood-packed banana bread -- it’s delicious, moist, and of course, goes perfectly with Whipped Cinnamon Honey Butter. The recipe calls for melted coconut oil in the bread, but we found that 4th & Heart ghee (bonus points if you use Vanilla Bean) gives this bread a yummy, buttery note that is absolutely irresistible!

Copycat Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins by @rachlmansfield 

Who doesn’t remember those packs of mini Chocolate Chip Muffins from childhood? They were (and still are) incredibly addicting, and these muffins are no different! If you don’t have a mini muffin tray, you can make these normal sized and just bake them slightly longer (and get double the muffin in the process!) We recommend using 4th & Heart ghee instead of the called-for regular butter. These amazing mini muffins rival the originals and you can’t even tell the difference! 


Spinach Quiche with Bacon by @paleorunningmomma

Quiche is one of the ultimate indulgent breakfast foods -- it has all of the eggy goodness of a frittata, with the added benefit of a buttery, flakey, delicious crust. This recipe is no different (and we’d argue that it’s even better) because the crust is made with 4th & Heart ghee! The quiche is also paleo, gluten free, AND lactose-free, so it’s an absolute home run across the board. Arguably the best thing about a quiche is that you can make the whole thing in advance, then just cut slices out whenever you want for a quick and easy breakfast or brunch! 


Breakfast Burrito Bowls by @paleorunningmomma

Breakfast bowls are some of the easiest, most versatile meals you can make for yourself. All of the components can be made in advance, and it’s a great way to incorporate a ton of your favorite veggies and greens into a hearty breakfast that’ll kickstart your day! When prepping and cooking all of the components of this dish, be sure to use 4th & Heart ghee instead of coconut oil for some extra buttery goodness. Oh, and did we mention that this recipe is Whole30 and Keto? What’s not to love? 


Baked Apple Oatmeal by @thecleaneatingcouple 

Okay, even though this is technically a breakfast, it is also just as good as a dessert! This baked oatmeal has all of the same delicious flavorings as apple pie, which makes it a perfect breakfast or brunch for fall! This is also another recipe that can be assembled in advance and baked off the night before you serve it (or the morning of!), so you’ll have a no-stress, one pan breakfast ready to go! This recipe calls for olive oil, but we found that 4th & Heart Original Recipe or Vanilla Bean ghee added that buttery note we all crave in an apple pie, without adding any dairy! Whether you make this for breakfast or dessert, this is a delicious meal that you can snack on all day long. 

Egg Muffins with Mushrooms and Goat Cheese by @thehealthymaven 

We know that we already have a muffin recipe in this roundup, but these technically aren’t muffins -- they’re egg bites! We are huge fans of portable breakfasts (especially if you’re commuting to work again), and these portable egg bites are perfect for the on-the-go commuter. This recipe also offers at least five other flavor combinations, so if you’re not a fan of mushrooms or goat cheese, there are many other combinations to choose from! Like some of the other recipes in this roundup, we subbed our ghee in for the olive oil listed in the recipe, and we think you should too! 


Keto Pancake Cereal by @castiron_keto 

Okay, we know this sounds a little “out there,” but trust us, this is one of the best recipes we’ve ever made! If you’re a fan of yummy, sweet breakfast cereals, then this is the perfect breakfast for you. This recipe is low-carb and gluten-free, which makes it perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions. Instead of using the coconut oil that this recipe calls for, we recommend using our Original Recipe, Vanilla Bean, or even Chocti ghee for a delicious, chocolatey spin! This will become a FAST favorite in your household, and we recommend doubling the batch for extra helpings! 


The Crispiest Whole30 Hash Browns by @whatgreatgrandmaate

We are hard-pressed to find a more beloved breakfast side than hash browns, so it was only a matter of time before they showed up on this roundup. These are a cross between regular hash browns and latkes, which means they are twice as delicious! This recipe specifically calls for ghee, and for good reason -- the high smoke point of ghee allows the hash browns to develop a really crispy exterior, AND it adds that delicious, buttery flavor that all potatoes need! These are amazing on their own, or topped with a ghee fried egg. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try making an egg sandwich in between two hash brown patties. Any way you eat them, we promise they’ll disappear quickly! 


Perfect Ghee Coffee by @fourthandheart 

The final recipe on this list is one that you’ve certainly seen before, and probably on this very blog! While ghee coffee isn’t technically an entire meal, it has the nutritional value of one, making it the perfect meal replacement if you’re on the go or aren’t hungry. This coffee drink is delicious, smooth, and packed with vitamins thanks to our very own 4th & Heart ghee! We recommend using Original Recipe, Vanilla Bean, or even Chocti to really spice this coffee up, as well as any other additional flavorings or sweeteners that you love in your morning cup of joe. We know it sounds a little strange, but once you try it, you’ll never go back! 


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