Why Ghee?

Ghee offers something for everyone.

What first comes to mind are the practical reasons: high heat cooking, culinary inspired flavors, shelf stability, and the back to basics approach of eating. Then there are ALL the health reasons!

The Benefits

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised

Our butter comes from the green mountains of New Zealand. It's packed with naturally occurring fatty acids and CLA, which can improve gut health and biochemistry.

Natural Source of Butyric Acid

Butyric acid, which is naturally occurring in your gut and our ghee, helps your body absorb nutrients from the food you eat.

Natural Source of CLA

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid with benefits for skin health and weight loss.

High Smoke Point

When oil smokes, it becomes a trans fatty acid. Ghee has a smoke point of 485 degrees, so you can cook your heart out without worry.

Spreadable & Shelf Stable

When you keep your ghee clean from debris and water, your ghee is shelf stable for up to twelve months.

Buttery Taste

We make our ghee in the traditional style, which gives it a delicious, light, and buttery taste.

Fourth & Heart grass-fed ghee

Let me break it down…

Fourth & Heart grass-fed ghee uses the highest quality grass-fed butter sourced from a cooperative of farms in New Zealand. Grass is naturally high in Vitamin A, D, E, K and CLA. When the cow’s milk is rich with these vitamins, it goes directly to the butter and therefore the ghee. Just like how Mom’s nutrition goes to her baby when drinking breast milk!

Butter = Milk Solids + Butter Fat + Water

Ghee = Butter – Milk Solids – Water

Water + Milk Solids = 20% of each stick of butter, therefore, ghee is just a higher dose of the good fat found in butter. What’s different about Fourth & Heart ghee? Well, we cook it slowly and use fresh ingredients to create flavor profiles which make cooking much more fun and versatile.


Turn your parsnips into White Truffle Parsnips, your oatmeal into Madagascar Vanilla Bean Oatmeal, and your morning Paleo or Sourdough Toast into a comfort food with our Himalayan Salted ghee. Need I say more? Ghee Garlic Sautéed Green Beans, White Truffle Mac & Cheese?!

Honestly, though, there is more! According to the ancient Ayurvedic texts (AY-OOR-VE-DIC) ghee has Pranic powers and heals the body from the inside out. Prana is another word for energy and who wouldn’t want more Prana? Ghee is also rich in Butyric Acid which helps your gut digest foods, so it’s gut friendly for those with gut ailments such as gout, Chron’s and other autoimmune disease that follow the FODMAP diet, which doesn’t allow for processed oils of any kind. Ghee also helps your body assimilate other nutrients when eaten in conjunction with ghee. In Ayurveda, herbs are often mixed with ghee to be more easily absorbed by the body. Ghee liquefied to a syrup with honey and turmeric, salt and pepper is healing for sore throats, upset tummies and can even be applied topically to heal burns.

Honestly, it’s coconut oil with a buttery taste and since it’s dairy free and lactose free all can enjoy it.

Whether you’re simply a foodie enthusiast, home chef, bachelor that’s lost in the kitchen or following a hot new diet (Whole 30, Paleo, Macrobiotic) ghee is for you – GHEE is for everyone.