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Fun facts

  • We donate part of our income to yoga gives back, which gives micro loans to women in India so that their daughters can stay in school.
  • Because it’s dairy free, 4th & Heart ghee is a great part of the Paleo diet and is also perfect for people who are lactose intolerant.

Why should I use ghee over coconut oil?

Coconut oil tastes very coconut-y. It has a higher smoke point than olive oil (350 degrees) but still smokes at low temps.

Why should I use ghee over olive oil?

When olive oil is used for cooking, it is often overheated. If your olive oil has started to smoke, it is now technically a trans-fatty acid. Ghee has a higher smoke point so is better to cook with. Also, ghee tastes like butter – yum!

Isn’t ghee just clarified butter?

Clarified butter is made simply by heating butter and removing the milk solids which have risen to the top of the pot. In the making of traditional ghee, butter is brought to a boil and cooked until all the moisture is boiled off, and all the milk solids (lactose and casein) have settled to the bottom. These milks solids which have settled on the bottom of the pot are intentionally burned or caramelized, developing nutty flavor to the ghee. Ghee is the pure extraction of oil from butter.

How much is it?

Prices varies by location, so please inquire at your local store. One jar lasts a long time, as you usually use a teaspoon at a time.

How long does ghee last?

If you keep the jar clean (don’t use dirty spoons, crumbs, etc.) it should last indefinitely. However, we generally recommend 6-9 months. And no need to refrigerate it.

Are you organic?

We are 100% grass fed. Our butter comes from New Zealand, which has very stringent dairy regulations and produces the highest quality butter. We searched long and hard for only the best butter to use in our ghee.

Why are you better than other brands?

Fourth & Heart ghee is 100% grass-fed, which is more prized than organic because it is more humane and has even more health benefits – higher levels of CLA, better Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio, and more vitamins A and E. We also offer a variety of flavors flavors to please different palettes and cooking inspirations.

What should I use it for?

Any time you use butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc., use ghee! Ghee is a 1:1 substitute. Its spreadable texture makes it easy for baking and it takes great on toast.

Explore all of our delicious ghee flavors with your favorite foods:

  • Garlic – chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables
  • Vanilla – coffee, oatmeal, pancakes, sweet potatoes, cookies
  • Pink Salt – you don’t need to add salt after using it in a dish (corn, grilled cheese, anything really)

For ideas of new recipes to try, check out our Recipes section.

Why Should I use it?

Ghee is much better for you than butter. It’s similar in health benefits to coconut oil or olive oil, but it’s better for cooking because of its high smoke point (450-485 degrees for ghee vs. 280 degrees for olive oil). When other oils smoke, they become trans fats!

And, you don’t have to refrigerate ghee! It’s always a spreadable consistency.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is butter, but better.

It’s a type of clarified butter that is heated and reduced. During this process, milk solids will both float to the top and sink to the bottom.

The milk solids are then triple-filtered out, and what you’re left with is the pure healthy fat, which is lactose free & dairy free, as well as good for digestion and metabolism.

Since our ghee is made from 100% grass-fed butter, it has a wonderful yellow color and is high in vitamins A, D & E.

Our ghee is 0% Dairy. It has been tested and is one part per million dairy. (But, if people say they are allergic, do not force them to try it.)